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  1. What is Skype?

    Skype is the most widely used video chat software in the world and can be installed free; therefore the best tool for students and teachers for the class. In mobile LTE and above-level device, sound quality and video will be fine. There will be no cost within Skype communication; however data usage will do. From mobile device, it would be better to use WiFi to minimize data charge. Depends on the speed of net or WiFi, sound quality and video quality may be affected. If Skype is not in your computer, download and install from our website.
  2. Things to be cautious in Skype using?

    In order to work on voice and video to Skype-based class, the desktop computer or mobile device should have good connection. Make sure to see prior to class. Simple diagnosis can be done by watching running Youtube or Weibo. If not, take assistance from others. It is instructive to find quiet place with headset or earphone ready with stable net connection.
  3. What should I do if I cannot get to Skype?

    There can be several reasons why. It is tough for unfamiliar user to find out the cause straight away. If it does not work at certain time, it is recommended to reschedule class. Speed-measuring app from desktop computer of mobile devices can help; but is is never a ultimate solution. Take some assistance from computer-savvy experts.
  4. Besides Skype, can other software be used?

    Yes. By the mutual agreement, any software that suits can be used. Face-to-face class would be effective. Conversation software is recommended because it supports screen sharing; and you may need to view textbooks together.
  5. What happens if I am not able to view teacher’s face or textbook?

    Make sure that Skype is set properly. If each other’s face is not viewed properly; then the problem should be the speed. Moving to a place with a stable connection or rescheduling can be a solution.
  6. Do I need a video camera on my computer?

    It is instructive to have camera on computer for video class. The communication will be less effective at voice-only, especially in pronunciation correction at language education. Mobile devices basically comes with a camera which allows to be used. For desktop, video camera is recommended.
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