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Corporate training

A company's competitiveness comes from its employees' capabilities. Korean language with unlimited potential is essential for your employees. Would you like to provide Korean language training to your employees?

  • You can find the Korean teacher you want in EL KOREAN.
  • We offer customized Korean language courses.
  • A report on changes in Korean language levels before and after class is provided.
  • 1: 1 Online consultation with students and Korean teachers is provided free of charge.
  • Take advantage of the referral bonus EL KOREAN provides to companies.
Korean corporate training
You can find the Korean teacher you want at EL KOREAN.
  • EL KOREAN has a variety of Korean teachers.
  • Find Korean teachers by student skill level, subjects you want to learn, and language of instruction.
  • Trial classes with Korean teachers are available.
We offer Korean language courses that companies want.
  • As well as the eight basic courses, you can open your own courses.
  • Dozens of students can all learn together.
  • Work with EL KOREAN to develop medium- and long-term training plans.
The report provides information on changes in Korean language skills before and after class.
1: 1 Online consultation with students and Korean teachers is provided free of charge.
  • EL KOREAN offers 1: 1 online counseling with Korean teachers outside of class.
  • This service is free to use.
  • We are working to respond to your request for consultation within 24 hours.
Referrer bonuses are offered to companies.
  • The company becomes a referral and can use 5% of the tuition fee.
  • You can reward students with the bonuses earned by the company.

1. Please contact us by phone, email or using the form below.
     TEL : (+82) 070-4141-1446 (9:00 am ~ 6:00 pm, Seoul time)
     Email :

2. Consultation and estimate
     The agent will consult with the person responsible for the company on the desired date. Both visit and telephone consultations are available.

3. Korean level diagnosis (free)

     We will use our exclusive test questions to diagnose the level of Korean language skills of your employees.

     Courses are defined according to the purpose of the training.

4. Contract
     After confirming the custom class, determine the class time and exchange contract if necessary.

5. Training Preparation
     Prepare for the class start, including user registration and online communication.

6. Start training
     The training is conducted in a manner consistent with the company.

7. Submit Report
     Upon request, we will create a report, a personal score sheet.

Corporate training tuition discount rate
Type Person(s) 1-session(trial) 3-session 5-session 10-session 20-session 30-session
Individual 1 0% 0% 10% 15% 20% 30%
2 0% 10% 19% 24% 28% 37%
3 0% 20% 28% 32% 36% 44%
Corporate 4~5 0% 30% 37% 41% 44% 51%
6~10 0% 40% 46% 49% 52% 58%
11~20 0% 50% 55% 58% 60% 65%
21~30 0% 60% 64% 66% 68% 72%
※ The duration of the class is the same number of weeks as the number of sessions. (E.g. 10 weeks equal to 10 lessons)
Korean student 1 Becky Richard
Insurance Company (USA)
Now I have a lot of confidence in my business with Koreans and the belief that I can succeed.
Korean student 2 Lucas Mellor
Bank (UK)
The Korean economy is growing day by day. Being able to speak Korean is now my competitive edge.
Korean student 3 Masaki
Manufacturer (Japan)
Korean has developed an honorific language. Since I learned Korean from my Korean teachers, I feel free to have business conversations with Koreans in Korean.
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