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What is Skype?

Classes with you and your Korean teacher use video chat software.

Skype is video chat software recommended by EL KOREAN.

Skype is the most popular free internet phone software in the world. You can install it on your PC or mobile phone and start using it right away.

How to use it is simple.

If you have other video chat software that you and your Korean teacher prefer, you can use it.

If you want to learn more about Skype, please visit Skype's support site.

5 reasons to learn Korean with Skype

Everyone agrees that the most effective way to learn Korean is to learn directly from a Korean teacher. Your Korean teacher can check your level now and give you specific guidance on what to learn in the future. But the Korean teacher who is best for you is geographically separated from you. It's not easy to match the time together. Skype solves this problem.

The five reasons below are not necessarily talking about Skype alone.

In addition to Skype, it’s all about video chat software like Zoom, Google Hangouts, WeChat and WebEx.

1) Video or voice chat anytime, anywhere

You can learn Korean from your Korean teacher, regardless of time and place. Whether you're at home, at school or work, you can learn Korean from your Korean teacher without any difficulty if you're in a quiet place with a good internet connection. The internet must have sufficient bandwidth. You can choose to chat with video or voice only.

2) Free calls

You can make free calls using your data between Skype users. You and your Korean teacher in different countries can communicate at no extra cost. This also applies to most other video chat software other than Skype.

3) Screen sharing function

You can see the Korean teacher’s computer screen on your computer. It's like you watch the blackboard your Korean teacher is using. Because you're using a computer, you can use various educational materials like photos and videos.

4) Live chat

As well as video calls, you can also chat via text. You can leave a text on the chat screen at any time and your Korean teacher can check it out and reply immediately. You can also communicate visually in class, but you can also text chat simultaneously.

5) Review using recording

You can review using a recorded class file with a Korean teacher at any time. Video chats take place on your computer, so you can easily record using built-in features or separate software. Of course, when recording, it's a good idea to talk to your Korean teacher in advance to get your Korean teacher's consent.

Skype's features
Skype offers free features such as voice calls, video calls, screen sharing, messages, recordings and more. The Korean teacher will utilize these various features to give you the best Korean class experience. Of course, to use these functions smoothly, you have to have a stable internet connection.

· Voice call: One-to-one call, group call, call forwarding
· Video call: One-on-one video call, group video call
· Screen sharing: 1: 1 screen sharing, group screen sharing, file transfer, contact transfer
· Message: Chat, send SMS, video and voice message
· Call recording: Record a video call and voice call for class review

Install Skype

Installing Skype is simple and easy.
Simply install Skype and learn Korean from your Korean teacher.

Korean video lessons
Step 1) Download Skype

Press the Skype download button on the EL KOREAN page.

Or visit the Skype homepage and download it.

Download the installation file according to the operating system of your PC or phone.

Step 2) Connect Skype

Your subscription account can either be your email account or create a new one.

Please enter your Skype Name (Skype ID) correctly in your EL KOREAN membership profile.

Then the Korean teacher who received your class request will contact you via Skype using that name (ID).

Step 3) Check Audio

You can adjust your microphone, speaker, and ringtone from Skype's settings screen.

There's also a free dialing test feature, so you might want to test it out.

Step 4) Make a call

You can search for the person you want to video call using their email address or Skype name.

At this point, the Internet should be stable.

You can have fun and valuable Korean classes with your Korean teacher in a steady internet state.

Now you're ready to learn Korean with video using Skype.


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