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  1. What must be done to join EL KOREAN?

    Not much. Your email account is welcomed via a mobile app or web. Class is usually done via Skype; So your existing account is acceptable. If not, download from our website at bottom right. For mobile devices, download from the app store.
  2. What is the trial class?

    It is an exhibition class. Students will see how EL KOREAN's class operates and have the opportunity to look at the teaching style. Teachers also have an opportunity to know what the student needs in advance.
  3. What do you have in package class?

    There are various types such as Beginner's Korean, K-pop Korean, Dialect Korean, Travel Korean, Daily Korean, Study in Korea, Business Korean and TOPIK. Each package class consists of one class (trial), three classes, five classes, ten classes, twenty classes, and thirty classes per topic. One class is 20 minutes. You can study all classes with up to three friends or family. Tuition fees have already been set to reflect the discount rate depending on the number of classes and the number of students.

  4. What textbook is used?

    We recommend a textbook from the King Sejong Institute of the National Korean Language Institute. Their textbook is really of quality and made by seasoned Korean teachers. It is PDF which allows for both teacher and student sharing on a net screen; However, by agreement, anything can be used. Package classes such as K-pops or dialects handle a wide range of things; Therefore, both teacher and student can use their own materials if agreed upon.
  5. Who are the teachers?

    EL KOREAN's teachers' pool has a large range of Korean education specialists to non-specialists. This would help to meet the needs of the various classes. Our teachers are selected through direct interviews based on strict criteria by EL KOREAN, who undergo a constant workshop to upgrade. They strive for excellence through the exchange of ideas among themselves.
  6. How is the tuition fee determined?

    Tuition fees are determined by each teacher. So tuition fees may vary from teacher to teacher. The way in which teachers set their tuition fees can be determined by their experience as a Korean teacher and their Korean language teachers' qualifications.

    The higher the number of classes, the greater the discount rate of tuition fees. Also, the more students you study with, the more discounts you get.

  7. How can I find the right teacher for me?

    The desired course must be selected with the instruction language on your mobile application or web provided by EL KOREAN; Then the list of teachers will appear after the tuition range selection you're willing to pay. A more detailed file and video introduction can be unfolded by clicking the picture. If you come across a favorite, click the teacher's schedule and apply for a course at the available time.
  8. What is the difference between Professional teacher and Teacher?

    Professional teacher is a teacher who has acquired a Korean language teaching certificate or has a Korean language education experience for 3 years or more.

    The Korean Teacher Certificate is a certificate that only the teacher selected after the rigorous examination and interview of the Korean government can receive it.

    However, the Teacher who is not a professional teacher is also an excellent teacher who was selected after the interview process of EL Korean. If you want more comfortable and diverse classes, it is better to choose a Teacher. If you want more systematic lessons, you need to choose Professional teacher. However, in order to choose a teacher that suits you well, you should also look at the introduction of the teacher and decide on the trial class as well.

  9. How long is class?

    Each class has a length of 20 minutes. Each theme is packaged with 3 sessions, 5 sessions, 10 sessions, 20 sessions and 30 sessions. After selecting a teacher, take one of the best-suits. The trial class lasts 20 minutes, one session.
  10. What are two or three students learning together?

    It's the way you learn Korean with friends or family. These friends and family have to be collected by you.

    You can learn Korean more happily with your friends or family in this way. Additional tuition discounts allow you to pay a smaller tuition fee than one-on-one tuition.

    Tuition is paid by you on behalf of your friends or family to learn with you. The larger the number of students, the less tuition. If you learn together, you can learn Korean more happily through role play. 

    When you're in class, several people can gather in one room. You can also join the class using video chat software separately in each room.

  11. Do I have to apply for all class schedules at the same time when making a booking request to the teacher? For example, if I apply 10 sessions, do I have to apply to schedule all 10 sessions for time scheduling?

    No, you don't need to apply for all your class schedules. When applying for the first time, you can apply for the number of classes you want like just one or two. Then, when you talk to the teacher about the time you didn't apply for the rest of the class, the teacher will schedule the time of the remaining classes with you. But you have to apply for at least first-class time. It's a convenience feature for you.
  12. How can I change my 'my time zone' when scheduling a class?

    'My time zone' which appears on class booking can be set first on registration. Any changes after registration can be made from 'Edit My Profile' on 'My Page'.
  13. What if there is no reply from my chosen teacher?

    This happens because of time differences and the teacher is not always online. To minimize the response period, a class offer can be delivered to up to three different teachers. Whoever accepts first receives the call; Others will be canceled. If there is no response from all three within 24 hours, automatic cancelation takes place on all offers. You will see the notification message of "Time elapsed" when your class offer has been canceled and "Please find another teacher," will show up. At this stage, the class offer must be directed to another available teacher.
  14. How do I change my scheduled class because of an urgent matter?

    Through EL KOREAN app or Skype, your change should be notified to the teacher 24 hours before you get-go day by you. Teachers are also responsible for their own time management; Therefore, they should consult to manage their own schedules at least 24 hours before the scheduled class.

    You can't make changes to your class schedule directly on the app. After consulting with the teacher, the teacher will change the class schedule on the application for you.

    Rescheduling a class of less than 24 hours is not permitted in principle; And the student is responsible for the payment of tuition if it does not proceed.

  15. What happens to tuition if I fail to turn up without notice?

    If you are absent without prior notice, the class will be deemed to be proceeding and the tuition will not be returned. The teacher has already used her/his time to prepare. If rescheduling is required, contact with the teacher must be made at least 24 hours in advance. By agreement with your teacher, rescheduling is allowed.
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