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Help me

Elin Micas
Date21-03-05 15:27 View4,759. Comments3.


Please let me know the difference with 강아지 and 댕댕이.
Thanks in advance.
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Chatherine (Professional teacher)

It is a new word made by adding'daeng-daeng', which has a similar shape, to'dog-men' of'dog-dog'.  Like'dog', it means dog.

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로즈베리 (Teacher)

Hello! Elin ; D
The original one 강아지 came to 멍멍이 then again 멍멍이 came a new word 댕댕이. You will see #댕댕이 a lot on Instagram which means it's a very good one to learn!

The change happened because 머 and 대 look very similar when you take a good look at them. You can see that they both look like a box. Hopefully you find my comment helpful.

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Elin Micas

Thank you so much for the kind explanation. I'ts very interesting story. ;)


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