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택견 (Taekkyeon), a traditional Korean martial art

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Taekkyon, Taekgyeon, Taekkyeon, or Taekyun (Korean 태껸/ 택견) is a traditional Korean martial art.

It is characterized by fluid, dynamic foot movement called "pum balgi" or Stepping-on-Triangles. Taekkyon is concerned with applying both the hands and feet at the same time to unbalance, trip, or throw the opponent. Hands and feet are always used together. Taekkyon has many leg and whole-body techniques with fully integrated armwork. A Taekkyon practitioner is called a "Taekkyon-kkun" (태껸꾼) and wears an uniform called "dobok".

In the twentieth century, Taekkyon has come to be seen as a living link to Korea's past. As such, it has provided historical references for modern Korean martial arts and is often considered as the oldest martial discipline of Korea.

Taekkyon is the first martial art recognised as a National treasure of South Korea and a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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Elin Micas

Nice. I want to learn this. :)


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