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입이 무거워요

Sunny Lee (Professional teacher)
Date20-08-10 12:23 View3,020. Comments5.


'입이 무거워요'  is used when you  describe someone who keeps a secret well.
'입' is 'mouth'  '무거워요' is' heavy'
'무거워요' is a present simple form of '무겁다'(dictionary form) -'ㅂ'irregular.
So '입이 무거워요' means 'mouth is heavy' literally
you can guess the meaning easily by imagining: someone has a heavy mouth so he or she doesn't open mouth easily and keeps secret.
A: 저 사실..... 비밀이 있어요.  (Actually, I have a secret)
B: 뭐예요? 무슨 일이에요?  (Really? what's that?)
A: 말해도 될까 모르겠어요. (I just wonder if it's ok that I share the secret with you)
B: 괜찮아요. 저는 입이 무거워요. 아무한테 말 안 할 거예요 ( Don't worry. I can zip my mouth.)
A: 진짜요? 사실은 저는, 저는, 아미예요 (Really? actually. I am ARMY(big fan of BTS)
B: 하하하! 사실 저도 아미예요. (haha. So am I)
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Emily Sown

It makes sense. Lol.

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Sunny Lee (Professional teacher)

입이 가벼워요 is the opposite expression.
가볍다 means 'light' (mouth is light)
가볍다 <->무겁다
가벼워요 is present simple of 가볍다(ㅂ irregular)
If someone is '입이 가벼워요', then never tell him any secret! :)

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Thank you, teacher.

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Lily Stevens


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Jack Doejokin

Good information.


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