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입(을) 씻다/닦다

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입(을) 씻다/닦다
to wash/wipe the mouth

무엇인가를 혼자서 먹고서 이를 다른 사람이 알아채지 못하도록 조용하고 신속하게 입을 닦았다는 의미있니다.
즉, 누군가가 돈 따위를 혼자 차지하고서 아무 일도 없었던 것 처럼 행동할 때 사용하는 말입니다.

It means that you ate something by yourself and wiped your mouth quietly and quickly so that no one else noticed it.
In other words, it is used when someone is taking money or something and acting as if nothing happened.

“너 혼자 입 씻으면 안 되는 거야.“
“You mustn’t wash your mouth alone.”

"그렇게 정말 너 혼자 입 닦는 거야?"
"Are you really cleaning your mouth by yourself?"

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Oliver Fatne

It's a fun expression.
You can't wash your mouth from now on. lol

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