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기억력 게임으로 새로운 어휘 배워보세요! (Let’s Memorize New Words By Playing a Memory G…

Joann (Teacher)
Date21-03-08 09:58 View7,935. Comments3.


It would be better if more than three players can participate in this memory game. The first player begins by saying, “When you go to a market, there is a ________.” The next player must add an item of their own, while also recalling the previous items said, in the same order. Continue adding and recalling the items until someone makes a mistake.

New Words:

우유(Milk), 사과(Apple), 바나나(Banana), 딸기(Strawberry), 오이(Cucumber), 당근(Carrot), 빵(Bread), 계란(Egg), 소고기(Beef), 돼지고기(Pork), 닭고기(Chicken), 두부(Tofu), 새우(Shrimp), 소세지(Sausage), 치즈(Cheese)  

This game goes like this:

사람 1: 시장에 가면 (If you go to a market), 사과도 있고(there is an apple),

사람 2: 시장에 가면, 사과도 있고, 우유도 있고,

사람 3: 시장에 가면, 사과도 있고, 우유도 있고, 계란도 있고,

사람 4: 시장에 가면, 사과도 있고, 우유도 있고, 계란도 있고, 소고기도 있고, 


  • 가면: 다 (to go) + -하 (If) ---> 가면 (If you go)

  • -도: also

  • 있고: 다 (to be/ exist)) + 그리 (and) ---> 있고 (There is... and... )

*You can go anywhere such as a Zoo, School, and Party to learn and memorize new words. In this video clip, BTS are playing this game by using, “If you go to a fan meeting, there is a ________."

You would be able to hear some of the new words such as:

팬 사인회(Fan signing event), 아미 (BTS fan club), 푸마 (Puma), 조명 (Lighting), 카메라 (Camera)


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프로필 사진


프로필 사진
Joann (Teacher)

고마워요 Riley ^^ 친구들이랑 이 게임 한번 해보세요~

프로필 사진
SarahLee (Professional teacher)

재미있는 게임이네요! 감사합니다. ^^


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