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Useful expression- "그냥 둘러볼게요"

유진 (Teacher)
Date18-12-17 19:43 View12,894. Comments1.


In Korea, if you go into the store for shopping, you may find one of the staff approches to you and asks "찾으시는 것 있으세요?" which means "Is there anything you are looking for?"

But, if you don't have anything in mind but just want to look by yourself,

then how do you say "I'll just look around" or "I'm just browsing" in Korean?

You can say

"그냥 둘러볼게요"

Then, most of the time, the staff will let you browse by yourself and won't disturb you unless you ask for something.


A: 어서오세요. 찾으시는 것 있으세요?

Welcome. Is there anything you are looking for?

B: 그냥 둘러볼게요.

I'll just look around.

A: 네, 필요하신 것 있으시면 말씀하세요.

OK. Please let me know if you need anything. 

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프로필 사진
Emily Sown

그냥 둘러 볼께요.
It is useful expression when we are shopping always. Thanks teacher.


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