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프로필 사진

A simple way to become a master of reactions!!

clary (Teacher)
Date19-03-04 22:03 View13,946. Comments2.


In this post, we're going to learn one word which has more than one meaning and also can make you speak more naturally when talking to native korean speaker.

Today's word is '진짜'. Let me show you a short conversation.

▶ A : Hi, I want to tell you something! I finally got a job!(안녕! 너한테 말하고 싶은 것이 있어. 나 일자리 얻었어!)

    B ;  Really? (진짜?)

In this conversation, B is using the word '진짜' to express one's astonishment. Just by saying the word '진짜', you are already expressing to the other person that you are surprised.

To be exact,  진짜 has the meaning of 'truly, real'. Let me show you this meaning at the next conversation.

▶ A : I think this jewel is fake.( 내 생각에 이 보석은 가짜야.)

    B : No it's not. It's real! (아니야, 진짜야!)

In this conversation, B is saying to A that the jewel is genuine. so as you can see, 진짜 is used in conversation when one is expressing something is not a fake(=genuine) ​

Once again, if you have any questions write a comment down below and I'd be happy to anwer them. Have a good day :)

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프로필 사진
Ethan Justine

It is good to know. Thanks, teacher.

프로필 사진
clary (Teacher)

You’re welcome!!


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