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Various ways to count things

Jiyoung (Teacher)
Date19-04-11 13:07 View9,673. Comments2.


In English, there are expressions for counting various stuffs such as "a cup of.. / a slice of / a piece of ...etc."

There are many ways to count different objects in Korean.

Counting people(사람)

You count people with "" ☞ 한 명, 두 명, 세 명...

Q. BTS 멤버는 몇 명이에요?

A. 모두 일곱 이에요.

▶ Counting animals(동물)

You count fish or animals with "마리" ☞ 한 마리, 두 마리, 세 마리...

Q. 강아지와 고양이는 총 몇 마리에요?

A. 두 마리요.

Additional information : When you want to buy mackerel in the market, you can ask a person buy saying "".

Here, "손" means two mackerels.

ex) 고등어 한 손 주세요.

▶ Counting books and pencils(책과 연필)

We count books by "" and pencils by "자루". ☞ 책 한 권, 두 권 / 연필 한 자루, 두 자루...

Q. 이 책 두 권과 연필 여섯 자루에 얼마예요?

A. 총 만 오천 원(15,000) 이에요.

Counting trees(나무)

Count trees with "그루" ☞ 한 그루, 두 그루, 세 그루...

ex) 저는 지난주에 나무 한 그루를 심었어요.

Counting trees(꽃, 포도)

When we count flowers, we call it by "송이".

Add to this, when you need to count a bunch of fruits, you also use "송이".

☞ 한 송이, 두 송이...

ex) 장미꽃 한 송이를 선물 받았습니다.

      아주머니, 포도 세 송이 주세요.

There are a lot more to count different things with various words.

When you have any chance to use them, please try with the words that are written above.

If you have any questions, please leave comments below! :)


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프로필 사진

Thank you for teaching with pretty pictures.

프로필 사진
Jiyoung (Teacher)

Thanks for your comment. I hope you’ve learned new expressions.
If you have any other questions, please leave a comment :)


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